The GPT Store is Here

PLUS: Technology Vision 2024

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Welcome to another edition of This Week in the Future! OpenAI has finally launched the GPT Store after being delayed due to some CEO drama you may have heard about. Plus, Accenture graces us with its vision for tech in 2024.

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All You Can Compute

First announced at OpenAI DevDay, the GPT Store has started rolling out to paying users of ChatGPT. The store allows users to access a variety of custom GPTs developed by both OpenAI's partners and the broader development community. Users can browse GPTs by category, such as lifestyle, writing, research, programming, and education.

Developing a GPT doesn't require extensive coding knowledge, and they can be as straightforward or complex as desired. Developers can describe their GPT in natural language, and OpenAI's GPT Builder will attempt to create a chatbot accordingly.

The GPT Store also introduces a review system to ensure that the GPTs adhere to OpenAI's terms of use. OpenAI is still planning a revenue sharing program, allowing U.S. builders to earn based on user engagement with their GPTs.

Our Take

With 3 million custom GPTs, it’ll be interesting to see how much value this store holds long-term. All this specialization seems counter to the idea of artificial general intelligence. Now, we have 3 million narrow intelligences to sift through. What will become of the GPT Store if OpenAI achieves its mission?

🔥 Rapid Fire

🎙️ The AI For All Podcast

This week’s episode featured Evan Welbourne, Head of AI and Data at Samsara, who discussed how physical operations in critical industries can greatly benefit from AI transformation and how connected operations can help enterprises improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

📖 What We’re Reading

Retailers Are Transforming Shopping Through AI (link)

“AI has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of retail. As retailers harness the potential of AI to better understand consumer patterns and preferences, the shopping experience is undergoing a profound evolution. AI can empower retailers to provide personalized recommendations, streamline inventory management, and engage customers in innovative ways.”

Source: AI For All
Revolutionizing Cancer Care: AI in Clinical Trials (link)

“The fusion of AI, LLMs, and clinical trials opens new frontiers in cancer care. LLMs augment the construction of trial protocols by leveraging language processing, aiding researchers in designing comprehensive methodologies and refining trial structures. This accelerated development paves a quicker path from trial breakthroughs to patient applications.”

Source: AI For All

“AI is breaking out of its limited scope of assistance to engage more of the world through action. Over the next decade, we will see the rise of entire agent ecosystems—large networks of interconnected AI that will push enterprises to think about their automation strategy in a fundamentally different way.”

Source: Accenture

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