OpenAI's Bioterrorism Research

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Welcome to another edition of This Week in the Future! OpenAI has researched building an early warning system for LLM-aided biological threats, Meta released Code Llama 70B, which outperformed GPT-4 on HumanEval, and Elon Musk’s Neuralink implanted its first chip on a human brain, bringing us closer to merging with AI.

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GPT-4B ioterrorist

Locked in OpenAI’s basement is the evil twin of GPT-4, GPT-4B , a research-only version of the model that was used in a new research study evaluating the degree to which an LLM like GPT-4 could aid in biological threat creation.

The study's methodology involved dividing participants into groups, with some having access only to the internet and others having access to both the internet and GPT-4.


GPT-4 provided, at most, only a mild uplift in biological threat creation accuracy. This suggests that while LLMs like GPT-4 can assist in such tasks, their impact might not be as significant as initially feared. However, it's important to note that the study found a slight improvement in accuracy for almost all tasks for both student and expert cohorts when using GPT-4, indicating that LLMs could potentially enhance the capabilities of those working in this field, albeit to a limited extent.

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This week’s episode featured Heather Harris, Principal Data Scientist at Herkimer Consulting, who discussed how businesses can better navigate the field of AI adoption and challenges such as data integrity, identifying true AI solutions, and obtaining the right data.

IoT and AI Take Over CES 2024

We attended CES 2024 in Las Vegas where we got a first-hand look at what's going on in IoT and AI. To understand where IoT and AI would go in 2024, we were able to experience a number of demos and conduct interviews with leading companies like Zoox, NXP Semiconductors, Synaptics, Silicon Labs, Kigen, Axelera AI, floLIVE, and Field Theory. Watch our full coverage on YouTube.

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