How AI is Transforming Education

A Conversation with Jerome Pesenti from Sizzle AI

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On this week’s podcast, Ryan and Neil speak with Jerome Pesenti, CEO of Sizzle AI and former VP of AI at Meta, about AI's enormous potential to disrupt education by providing personalized learning experiences. Jerome also shares how Sizzle acts as an artificial tutor, adapting to student's interests and providing real-time assistance in problem-solving.

Why You Won’t Want to Miss This

  1. Discover how AI, through platforms like Sizzle, is revolutionizing personalized learning experiences and effective online education.

  2. Explore Jerome Pesenti's journey from VP of AI at Meta and IBM's Watson to creating impactful educational technologies.

  3. Understand the potential of AI in reshaping traditional educational methods and fostering more engaging, adaptive learning environments.

  4. Anticipate the future of AI in education, including the integration of mixed reality tools and the importance of responsible AI development.

  5. Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of implementing AI in educational settings, from accuracy issues to accessibility.

Our Favorite Moment

“I think the current advances in AI are just throwing a wrench in the system. It's going to disrupt the system. It's going to disrupt classrooms. It's going to disrupt the notion of homework. It's going to disrupt essay writing. I believe that overall it will be a really good impact. For me, and for Sizzle, it's an opportunity. When things are disrupted, things will change, and it's an opportunity to really make a difference.”

— Jerome Pesenti

Giving Everyone an AI Tutor

Meet Jerome Pesenti

Jerome Pesenti is the CEO and founder of Sizzle, the free personalized learning app that leverages AI to help learners work through any problem, step by step. Prior to founding Sizzle, Jerome served as VP of AI at Meta and Vice President of IBM’s Watson Platform. He has been involved with artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and search for the past 25 years.

Learn More About Sizzle

Sizzle is a free educational app that uses LLMs to make online learning more personalized, fun, and effective by leveraging the latest advances in AI. Sizzle helps learners work through any homework problem, step-by-step.