How AI Changes Advertising

A Conversation with 3XM Technologies' Ron Randolph-Wall

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On this week’s podcast, Ryan and Neil speak with Ron Randolph-Wall, Founder and CEO of 3XM Technologies, about how AI changes advertising. Ron brings a wealth of knowledge from marketing, advertising, and the film industry to discuss the incorporation of AI in understanding customers and analyzing data.

Why You Won’t Want to Miss This

  1. Discover Ron Randolph-Wall's journey from traditional marketing to leveraging AI for dynamic and targeted advertising strategies.

  2. Learn about the evolution of loyalty programs and the impact of AI in understanding and engaging consumers more effectively.

  3. Gain insights into the challenges of traditional advertising methods and how AI offers solutions for more precise and actionable customer data.

  4. Explore the potential of AI to revolutionize marketing across industries by enabling personalized experiences and improving campaign effectiveness.

  5. Understand the importance of merging technological advancements with creative marketing approaches to reach and resonate with today's consumers.

Our Favorite Moment

“Brands need to start thinking about incrementality and to understand that there is a world outside their shop and what you can do to impact your customer's life. AI allows you to think about all of these things and not just think about them, but have the tools to go out there and create something. If you accept the target as being incremental relationships with these people and incremental dollars earned, you're going to succeed.”

— Ron Randolph-Wall

Use AI to Understand Your Customer

Meet Ron Randolph-Wall

Ron Randolph-Wall is a pioneer in advertising and marketing. In the 1980s, he achieved remarkable milestones, including creating the world's first co-branded credit card for General Motors, the NFL, and the NBA, and introducing the first universally accepted movie ticket with 1.8 billion tickets sold in 16 countries over 25 years. Ron later sold his company to Fandango (acquired by Comcast) in 2013. Today, he employs sentiment analysis, AI, psychology, and linguistics to enhance the cinema experience and foster emotional connections between brands and customers.

Learn More About 3XM Technologies

3XM Technologies is a small company with a team of movie, marketing, and AI specialists working out of Los Angeles. The company's mission is to create more effective loyalty programs and buck the trend of subsidizing existing customers.