GPT-4 Gets a Body

PLUS: AI Learns to Code

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Welcome to another edition of This Week in the Future! Robotics company Figure showed off their Figure 01 humanoid engaging in conversation and following verbal instructions using GPT-4V. Plus, a new AI model named Devin has shook the coding world with its ability to build and debug software applications.

Let’s get into it!

GPT-4 Gets a Body

Robotics startup Figure, which recently raised $675M from the likes of OpenAI, Microsoft, and Amazon, has merged their humanoid robot Figure 01 with GPT-4V. The robot’s physical and conversational abilities were shown off in a demo, and it’s pretty awe-inspiring. Figure says the video was not sped up and that the robot was not preprogrammed. Its behaviors are learned. Figure appears to be ahead of their main competitor, Tesla’s Optimus.

Why This Matters

Robotics is having a moment. Once these units can walk like a human, converse with zero latency, and have a sleek shell, robotics will reach its ChatGPT moment. What we see now is only a glimpse of what may be possible. Capable humanoid robots would completely disrupt the global economy for better or worse. For that to happen, AI robots will need to understand the real world and be able to plan and reason. Models like GPT-4 may not be enough, but V-JEPA and Covariant’s new RFM-1 might get us closer.

Just Devin’

AI startup Cognition has unveiled Devin, which they’re saying is the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer. Devin was evaluated on the SWE-bench coding benchmark where it was challenged to solve real-world GitHub issues in open source projects. Here were the results:

Devin’s capabilities go well beyond that of GitHub Copilot. Cognition published several videos that showed Devin doing the following:

Our Take

Devin is clearly intended to be a full-on coworker that can handle the monotonous parts of software engineering while developers focus on more interesting and complex problems. As for Devin taking jobs, real-world software applications are so nuanced and require so many other skills than just coding to reliably manage that humans will remain heavily involved for quite some time. Devin is still early days.

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