Databricks Disrupts Open Source AI

PLUS: OpenAI's Sora Makes Hollywood Debut

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Welcome to another edition of This Week in the Future! Databricks has introduced DBRX, a new state-of-the-art open source LLM that outperforms Llama 2, Mixtral, and Grok. Plus, OpenAI’s Sora made its Hollywood debut.

Let’s get into it!

Databricks Disrupts Open Source AI

Databricks has introduced DBRX, a powerful open-source LLM. It outperforms other open-source models like Llama 2 70B, Mixtral, and Grok-1 while also surpassing GPT-3.5 and being competitive with Gemini 1.0 Pro. These performance gains come with faster training and inference thanks to a fine-grained mixture-of-experts architecture. DBRX also outperforms Databricks’ own MPT models with 4x less compute.

The weights of both the base and fine-tuned model are available on Hugging Face and to Databricks customers via APIs. DBRX is fine-grained, which means it uses a larger number of smaller experts. It has 16 experts and chooses 4, while Mixtral and Grok have 8 experts and choose 2. Databricks observed that fine-graining improved model quality.

Why This Matters

Trained on 3,072 NVIDIA H100s, the 132B parameter DBRX is not only a disruptor in the open source AI race (which Grok-1.5 and AI21 Lab’s Jamba also just joined), but provides enterprises building their own LLMs with capabilities previously limited to closed models. According to a survey by Andreessen Horowitz, 46% of respondents say they prefer open source models going into 2024. For those who rely on Databricks’ platform, DBRX couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time.

Sora Makes Hollywood Debut

OpenAI shared first impressions of Sora after granting access to a select number of filmmakers and creatives, each of whom made a short film using Sora. The consensus seems to be that Sora excels at producing surreal and impossible visuals while also freeing creators from budgetary concerns (of course, running Sora costs more than any movie). The featured creators all echoed the same sentiment, that Sora democratizes art. The merit of this sentiment remains widely debated.

Our Take

While none of the featured creators are exactly A-list, the examples shown make it clear that Sora is ready for prime time when it comes to a few shots here and there (maybe for a commercial) or for taking storyboarding to the next level. Prediction: The first production to make use of Sora will probably stick out like a sore thumb and receive mixed reactions. We should also expect a future where nothing we see can be trusted.

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