Building Responsible AI

A Conversation with Lisa Thee from AMP Solutions

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On this week’s podcast, Ryan and Neil speak with Lisa Thee, CEO of AMP Consulting, about the ethics and responsible use of AI. We delve into the importance of trust and safety in today's interconnected world, and Lisa shares how her experience in combating online abuse has informed her lessons for businesses to utilize AI effectively.

Why You Won’t Want to Miss This

  1. Discover Lisa Thee's journey in AI, from working in healthcare and online safety to leading a consulting firm focused on AI ethics and trust.

  2. Learn about the applications of AI in combating online abuse and human trafficking, and the ethical considerations involved.

  3. Gain insights into the challenges and solutions for using AI responsibly in areas such as data privacy and algorithmic bias.

  4. Understand the importance of collaboration across sectors for ethical AI development, highlighting public-private partnerships and regulation.

  5. Explore the future of responsible AI development and emerging techniques for building responsible and safe-by-design AI solutions.

Our Favorite Moment

“It's been an extension of learning the technology to solve a problem I'm passionate about, and a lot less driven by the passion for the technology. I think that's the message that I want to bring to more people is if you have a problem that you've just got to scratch, maybe it's the environment, maybe it's mental health, AI is one of those innovation breakthroughs that can help to solve problems that have been around for generations.”

— Lisa Thee

Building AI Responsibly

Meet Lisa Thee

Lisa Thee is a renowned thought leader and expert in the fields of artificial intelligence, career transformation, and ethical technology. With over two decades of experience, Lisa has dedicated her career to driving innovation and empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Her passion for harnessing the potential of AI to create positive change led her to become a sought-after international keynote speaker. She has been honored with numerous awards, including the 2023 International Impact Book Award for her groundbreaking book Go! Reboot Your Career in 90 Days, the 2023 Gold Viddy Award for Long Form Series Navigating Abroad, and she is a Gold award winner for the 2023 Executive of the Year - Stevie Awards for Women in Business.