Building an AI Business

A Conversation with Andrew Reiner from Riley

Hello readers!

This is our last podcast before the holidays! On this week’s podcast, Ryan and Neil speak with Andrew Reiner, co-founder and CEO of Riley, about the landscape, challenges, and strategies for AI startups and businesses. We dive into the transition from predictive modeling to impactful AI solutions in startups, the need to focus on major operational problems to build successful AI products, and advice for building AI startups and businesses.

Why You Won’t Want to Miss This

  1. Explore the evolution of AI startups, distinguishing between genuinely impactful AI tools and less useful technologies in the current market.

  2. Discover insights on how AI startups are addressing enterprise problems with innovative solutions, leading to more efficient processes and cost reductions.

  3. Understand the challenges and strategies for AI startups in navigating platform dependencies and the importance of developing independent technology.

  4. Gain perspectives on the significance of domain expertise in AI business development, ensuring solutions are deeply rooted in industry-specific needs.

  5. Anticipate ethical considerations in AI development, from data security to the societal impact of technologies like deepfakes.

Our Favorite Moment

“A couple months ago, I would've said the startups that own the patent are the ones that are going to survive. But right now, it seems like the companies answering the big problems that enterprises are really looking for are the companies that are going to survive. The companies that I know that are utilizing AI really well seem to be simplifying and reducing the need for large amounts of staff to streamline a process in a more efficient way.”

— Andrew Reiner

Building a Real AI Solution

Meet Andrew Reiner

Andrew Reiner is the co-founder and CEO of Riley. Previously, Andrew was the COO at SeatServe. Andrew is an active mentor and advisor for a handful of startups. He also runs a 750,000+ person community revolving around the startup ecosystem. Andrew was a Quantitative Researcher at Zweig-DiMenna, a $4.5+ billion hedge fund in New York City and before that he was a Desk-Based Analyst at Lehman Brothers where they ran a $600 million proprietary trading book and an Algorithmic Electronic Trader at Barclays Capital.

Learn More About Riley

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