AI in Physical Operations

A Conversation with Evan Welbourne from Samsara

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On this week’s AI For All podcast, Ryan and Neil speak with Evan Welbourne, Head of AI and Data at Samsara, about how physical operations in critical industries can greatly benefit from AI transformation and how connected operations can help enterprises improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Why You Won’t Want to Miss This

  1. Discover how AI is revolutionizing physical operations, enhancing the efficiency and safety of industries heavily reliant on manual processes.

  2. Explore the role of AI in facilitating connected operations and its impact on various sectors like logistics, infrastructure, and utilities.

  3. Understand the challenges and opportunities in digitizing physical operations, emphasizing the importance of data quality and integration.

  4. Learn about the transformative effect of AI in event detection and real-time safety interventions for frontline workers.

  5. Gain insights into the future of AI in physical operations, including predictive maintenance and workflow automation using advanced analytics.

Our Favorite Moment

“Things like AI models for event detection where we're proactively alerting workers in the field about unsafe behavior. For drivers, we have our dash cams that can flag inattentive driving. If we look back at 2022, across the whole year, we helped prevent about 120,000 crashes. And then there's specific customers like DHL Express that reported a 26% reduction in accidents and a 49% reduction in the costs related to those accidents.”

— Evan Welbourne

Building Connected Operations

Meet Evan Welbourne

Evan Welbourne leads the AI and Data organizations at Samsara, which includes machine learning, computer vision, data science, and analytics - as well as data engineering and data platform for the company's petabyte-scale IoT data. His current focus is on infrastructure and tools that support and accelerate Samsara's interactions with machine learning, analytics, and intelligent computing systems.

Previously, Evan was the Head of ML at Alexa Smart Home and the founder and CEO of AlgoSnap, a company that accelerates the development cycle for edge analytics in the Internet of Things through automated machine learning.

Learn More About Samsara

Samsara is digitizing the world of physical operations. Think of everything from energy utilities and food distribution to transportation and construction. These are the organizations that keep the world running and represent 40% of GDP. Samsara’s cloud platform, IoT sensors, and AI-powered insights make it easy for their customers to act upon massive amounts of data from vehicles, assets, worksites, and heavy equipment. As a result, they can run more safe, efficient, and sustainable operations.